Atlanta Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Atlanta

If you are looking for a way out from under the crushing weight of your debts, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a fresh start for a debtor by assisting them in developing a plan for the payment of their debts.

In Atlanta, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing requires that the debtor construct and file a plan for the payment of their current debts based on their current income. The payment plan must last at least 3 years and may last for up to 5 years.

This plan is filed with the bankruptcy court, which is a federal district court. In Georgia there are three different bankruptcy district courts: the Georgia Middle District Court, the Georgia Southern District Court, and the Georgia Northern District Court. Cases in Atlanta are handled by the Georgia Northern District.

In order to ensure that your payment plan is approved by the Georgia bankruptcy district courts, you should seek out the assistance of a qualified Atlanta Chapter 13 attorney. This professional has assisted hundreds of individuals in developing payment plans for Atlanta Chapter 13 bankruptcy and knows what the bankruptcy court is looking for in an approved plan.

As a result of changes made several years ago to the Chapter 13 plan outline, the debtor is required to provide detailed listings of the amounts that creditors will be paid, the interest rates that will apply to these debts, the names of the creditors to be paid, and other very specific information.

It is difficult for a debtor to design a plan that will be approved without the assistance of a qualified Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer.

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