Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Georgia

Debt Consolidation to Keep Your Property

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also referred to as reorganization, bill consolidation, or wage-earner bankruptcy.  It is often used to put an immediate stop to home foreclosure, vehicle repossession, garnishment, and the collection of judgments.  The concept of Chapter 13 is simple.  A debtor is allowed to consolidate their debts, and pay one affordable monthly payment to the Georgia Bankruptcy Court.

The duration of the payment plan will vary, but it is common for a debtor to make payments for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Advantages of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

  • You keep your property.
  • Stops foreclosure and may allow you to eliminate or “strip” a second mortgage. 
  • May allow for the reduction of the interest rate on a vehicle to 5%.
  • Plan payments may be suspended under certain circumstances, such as loss of employment or emergency expenses.
  • Some debts that are not covered in a Chapter 7 may be reduced in a Chapter 13 such as tax penalties and fraud charges.

Ready for Help Filing Chapter 13?

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